What’s it going to cost?

Mobile computer repair develops software for small and medium-sized businesses using a wide range of programming technologies. We are stepping into the development of ERP solutions to serve the large business. Our IT professionals are well equipped with different types of skill sets and experiences to cater to the needs of clients and provide the solution that best serves their requirements. We have all available testing tools for a thorough analysis and tailored testing process of each solution. Our software development department provides business software development outsourcing services, web based software application development services, custom application development services and software product development solutions. We know all about our services that are you can think again what’s it going to cost?


Systems that we develop take into account the confidentiality of data and have strict inbuilt hierarchy of user access rights, for example, some users may just have rights to do voucher entry or some for just editing only whereas others may have the rights to generate reports, and some may have the full access right to use all facilities and functions of the systems. This ensures the safe and secured use of the systems by different personnel of an organization.