Computer Repair Services


Computer Repair Services

If you have any problems with the computer like:

–    The computer does not turn on or blue screens.

–    Keyboard or mouse does not work

–    The computer does not see the network (no internet)

–    There are extraneous noises coming from the system

–    The computer does not load the operating system

–    The computer periodically reboots or hangs

–    The computer falls in the “blue screen of death”

–    Has ceased to find a hard disk

–    USB devices are not working properly

–    The computer does not display the image on the monitor

–    The computer is slow to load or slow

–    Does not connect to the Internet

–    Programs do not work,

‘Mobile Computer Repair’ is pleased to offer you our computer services to restore the computer. We are well known for best computer repair service provider.

For the diagnosis and repair of computers, our engineers use professional equipment

Our specialists have extensive experience in computer repair, computer setup, and server repair. In the warehouse, there are a large number of spare parts and components. This allows you to repair computers in a short time and with high quality.


Our service center performs the following computer repair services:

–    Repair of motherboards of any complexity.

–    Urgent repair of computers.

–    Diagnosis of computers, motherboards, video cards, HDD.

–    Replacing the computer power supply.

–    Replacing hard drives, DVD / CD drives,

–    Replacement of motherboards, video cards.

–    Firmware BIOS (BIOS) on the programmer.

–    Configuring and restoring the operating system

–    Installing Device Drivers

–    Treatment of viruses

We repair computers of any configuration and any manufacturers.

When contacting our service, our engineer performs a fault diagnosis. After conducting the diagnosis, you are informed of the reasons for the computer malfunction, the work plan, and their cost. After repairing the computer, the manager must demonstrate to you its operability and issue a guarantee card for the services performed.