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Web Design

Your needs go beyond hardware; you’re looking for the best web design in Thousand Oaks, and you’ve located it. There are numerous layers and factors that go into good web design, which is why we’re well-versed in several reaches of next-level web design that will leave your visitors feeling impressed. Design isn’t just about making graphics and imagery look fantastic; it’s about making the site so easy to navigate that your visitors won’t have any reason to add to your bounce rates.


Responsive Design

Everyone utilizes mobile devices nowadays (you may even be reading this on your phone), and nothing is more necessary than responsive design. Phones of different sizes, tablets, laptops, computers, smart TVs—you need to contour to everyone’s preference. That’s what responsive design is all about. Is your website’s current design covering you on all corners? If you can’t skew the size of your browser window and see the design change accordingly, then your new site isn’t helping you—it’s harming you.


Your Web Design is Part of Your Brand

Whether or not you’re a predominately-online business, your website is part of your brand. When someone searches for your business on their phone and nothing pops up, it’s an immediate indicator that your business doesn’t have its’ head on straight. All customers expect to have an access portal online. As Paul Cookson says, “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

You need an intuitive, responsive design that’s going to drive sales, not drive sales away. If you don’t have a website already, and you’re looking for the best web design in Thousand Oaks to handle your inaugural launch, you’re in luck. Having a website is crucial to your business, and having a properly-designed website is just as important.

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Three Fundamentals of Business That Depend on Good Web Design

 Your online presence depends on good design. There are three main reasons why having a good design is the best weapon in your arsenal for engaging customers and acquiring sales.

Your First Impression

In the digital age, you don’t determine your first impression; your online presence does. Whether that’s your website or a Facebook page is up to you, but your professional appearance hinges on customers being able to find you. We don’t have the opportunity to shake hands with someone the first time they learn about us; your website design is going to determine their first impression.

Your Potential Clientele

 Imagine getting new “Regulars” in your establishment, or having your services receive even more inquires and sales; part of that is based on your web design. (That and how it is coupled with SEO.

Your Professional Connections

These days, networking is everything. When you network with someone, you become associated with them, and when they bring bad design and a poor user experience to the table, you’re less likely to upkeep your connections. Business networking is crucial to expanding your enterprise, so blow away other business owners and earn the recognition that your business deserves.

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