Seven valuable tips from hackers to prevent hacking

Hacking seems to have been pretty good lately. Nowadays online accounts of everybody are at risk of hacking. And the problem is, the only way to escape the hackers is to say the same. Recently, CNN has released seven valuable tips from hackers to prevent hacking, which is important for staying safe on the web. Since this suggestion is given to hackers, so the media claimed that if you adhere to it, you will be protected online.
The phone’s Wi-Fi off
Do not turn on the phone’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth all the time. The hackers tend to be looking for such opportunities. Whenever Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is turned on, strangers try to see what’s in the phone.
What is the problem of always running? The problem is, hackers can know that you were active on some networks before. With the previous networking sources, hackers spread deceit. Hackers show a temptation to connect your phone to any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network before by creating a new network in the disguise of the previous network. Once entered into this network, hackers insert many malware into the phone and you continue to do things like steal information from the phone, watch surveillance. So when you do not need to, keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off.
Two-level security use
Now it’s okay to think of yourself safe just by password. Often the password seems to be hacked.
Use two-step authentication or two-level security. Now many websites or services are providing two-level security. In this two-step verification process, the user has to use regular passwords in his account, as well as using one more code on the smartphone and tab when logging in. This provides the additional level of security. So, as long as there is a mobile phone in hand, it can be ensured that no one else can enter the account. For many services like Apple, Google, Facebook and Dropbox, there are two levels of verification. Whenever you want to log in to a new device, a password will be sought after entering the password. It will only be immediately available on your phone. If the hacker knows your password, then the account can not be hacked until you know the code coming to your mobile.
Use an Encrypted device or chat service
This can be extremely important for businesses that share sensitive data among employees every day. Leaking of business secrets can be a big target for hackers, and this can be prevented if the company ensures that all employees are either using an encrypted phone network like encrochat or similar others for business communications or at least an encrypted chat platform, that is, if they use their personal devices while working as well.
Smart password
Use long, complicated passwords in accounts or websites that contain sensitive information. Make the passwords complicated by letters, marks, numbers, etc. Use a different password for each website and use the Password Manager to remember the password. In this case, ‘lasapas’ or ‘password safe’ may be useful. Change the password at least once every year.
Using HTPs
Use HTTPS while browsing each website. You can use the ‘HTTPS for alloy’ tool to use HTTPS. This tool encrypts all the information in your browser. If you use HTTP only in the address bar, anyone who can monitor your internet browsing.
Wi-Fi Setup
Enter a password for Wi-Fi setup. Do not use the default password. In the case of security encryption, please select WPA-2. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WP) or Wireless Protected Access (WPA) is provided by default in most routers. Discard this encryption at any cost.
Wi-Fi is not hidden
During your home router settings, you are asked, ‘Hide the SSID?’ If you select ‘Yes’ to hide your Wi-Fi, then you are actively scanning your mobile phone or laptop to find the home network. Even if you get a connection, your device continues to scan for getting the network all the time. In this context, a US government secret, Wi-Fi hacker, Ben Smith said, “If you think of security, by submitting SSD, you surrender yourself to five years old technology.”
Quicktime to buy internet convenience products
Many new products came into the market when it came to buying new products, they jumped. The technology manufacturers do not care much about privacy and security as soon as possible to bring new products to the Internet. Hacker Stanslaw said, “It’s not really about being told to say such products are safe for internet access.” So new products should be bought at the convenience of the Internet.