The internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that refers to the connection of an object to the network. Today we already have laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, game consoles, and even Internet-connected appliances. They may seem like many “things”, but it really is a tiny part of all the objects that surround us. The idea is that not only electronic devices are connected to the network, but that all objects, of whatever type, are connected. In the near future, any of the thousands of objects that surround us (pens, clothes, medicines etc.) will be connected. When all objects are connected to the network, we will have more control over everything that surrounds us; we can know at any time and in real time how many objects of a type there are and where they are, plants are automatically irrigated depending on the degree of humidity, we will know at all times what stock we have of a product without having to make the tedious inventories.

Security of IoT

Security is a very important issue. Any object that connects to the network must be done securely so that only users who have permissions on the object can access it. Therefore, it will be very important that the security mechanisms evolve at the same pace that new objects are connected to the Internet, since, as it happens now, there are surely hackers willing to exploit security failures to access the systems and obtain data from the objects or control them for their own benefit.
That is why it is essential to train in network security or in the case that you have to manage all those objects connected to a company, take a course of an administrator of corporate networks. In the end, those people who are ahead and trained in the latest advances will always be ahead in the market.