Some Advantages of Linux Server

Nowadays, Linux servers are the most popular in the world to the wide range of advantages offered against the Windows server.
The vast majority of web developers bet on Linux in their web hosting servers. In the case of SMEs, which depend to a large extent on the stability of their websites, Linux offers greater stability and security. It can be years without even a single failure. In addition, Linux allows handling with fluidity a greater number of processes.
Advantages of Linux servers
There are several reasons that explain why Linux servers are more used than Windows servers.
Linux is assumed to the most stable server operating system that we can find. It is capable of handling colossal quantities of both data and processes in a very fluid way and without presenting any type of failure. Although Windows initially offers the same fluidity, with the passage of time it requires various actions to be agile again, such as hard disk defragmentation.
Regarding flexibility, Linux servers are ahead of the windows servers as far as the operating system is concerned. Linux allows optimizing the use of all resources, which is a point to assess in the corporate environment. These servers can be adapted in a precise way to the needs and preferences of any type of company.
Linux is an operating system designed by and for the community. The developers are always aware of the suggestions of the users to attend to their needs. In this way, it is usual to launch one or two annual updates. In contrast, Windows is a much more closed operating system; hence, the updates are not as frequent.
Security is one of the most important points when choosing the operating system of a server. It is true that Microsoft offers a very secure environment, the company does not react too agilely before any type of security hole. However, in the event of any failure related to server security, Linux acts quickly. Also, keep in mind that Linux is an open source operating system. Therefore, any user who has the necessary knowledge to solve this fault can correct it and make it available to other users immediately.
Freedom of use
The servers with Linux offer great freedom of use. Users can use and modify everything they want to meet their needs. In contrast, the Windows server is a more closed environment, with some clauses that limit the freedom of movement of users.
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