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Sometimes the operating system of your computer may fail to boot or load the system. Then you won’t be able access your important files, documents, audio, video, picture or any important data. This happens when your operating system becomes corrupted and the hard drive can’t boot itself. No need to panic even if it looks like a disaster.  Without an operating system you can’t reach to your system and load the hard drive. In this article we’ll show you How to Recover Data from a Non Booting Operating System. But you can avoid such issues by-

  • Make a backup copy of your important files or document.
  • Use a USB drive to save the important files.
  • Seeking software for large files.

The possible ways to recover data from a non booting operating system

  1.       Mini Tool power data recovery boot disk:

As the operating system you’ve installed is not able to boot on your windows system. So you have to build another bootable media to start it. This way you can recover data from the hard disk without an operating system. The windows preinstallation environment loads this process. To do this –

  • On a good computer, download and install MiniTool power data recovery bootable software.
  • Connect a blank USB with your computer.
  • Restart your computer. While the computer is restarting press the key f2 or any other key (it depends on your computer)
  • Enter on the BIOS menu. Go to the boot setting.
  • Change the boot setting so that your computer boots from the removal disk like a USB drive, CD or DVD.
  • Under MiniTool PE Leader, select MiniToll Power data Recovery.
  • On the left side of the software interface select the option “Hard Disk Drive”.
  • On the screen, from the right of the software interface, choose the hard disk drive and double click on it.
  • Browse and select the files or documents you want to scan.
  • Scan the files. (Do a full scan as it’ll recover all the data completely).
  • Preview the scanned files and click ‘Save’ to recover them.

Until you get all of your selected files recovered, you have to keep the disk connected with your computer. To recover any type of damaged files Minitool power data recovery software is very useful.

  1.       Use system repair feature:

This feature can be considered as highly intelligent. Using the system repair feature you can repair any small problem that can be encountered by your computer such as – illegal shutdown. Through the advanced startup option, you can solve the problem. After illegal shutdown when your computer fails to boot, you can recover this problem by –

  • After illegal shutdown you’ll see something like ‘Windows Error Recovery’ on the screen.
  • Navigate the cursor to ‘Start windows normally’ and click on it.
  • The countdown has to be started.
  • The system itself will allow you to start the operating system and repair the problem automatically.

Some alternative solutions to access on hard drive from a non-booting operating system.

  1. Inserting the hard drive into a Freezer: A hard drive failure makes the computer’s operating system not booting. Most of the time when the hard drive is no longer booting or functioning, inserting it into a freezer can fix it. The solution normally makes it last for max 20 minutes. The time is enough for saving all your important files. Also it’s a good answer for the question How to Recover Data from a Non Booting Operating System?
  2. Using recoverit data recovery: Many users have reviewed recoverit data recovery software. Through this tool you can recover any type of data from Windows or Mac and even from a non-bootable operating system.
  3. From the command prompt copy the files of the hard drive: Have you ever attempted to boot the windows from a bootable pen or disk? Read the windows command prompt and follow the command robocopy C:\tools D:\backup\tools\e.

Except the recover it data recovery software the others may not be useful for recovering the data from a non-bootable computer or PC.
Even if you face a system crash or your operating system is not booting. Don’t panic because this isn’t something that won’t be possible to recover. It’s normal that lots of important files and documents are saved there but still you can recover all of them by following the above methods of How to Recover Data from a Non Booting Operating System?