HP Laptop Problems and Actual Causes

Over the years laptops have gone slimmer and more lightweight. Besides they have also upgraded in power, size, memory and others, but the problems of laptops arise pretty often. Among a vast variety of brands in the market, HP laptops are quite popular. But many HP laptop users complain about the HP laptop problems they face very often.
Before throwing your HP laptop in the store room, you need to know the problems of HP laptop and the actual causes. So that you can take precautions and avoid the issues.

So. Let’s know the HP laptop problems and actual causes.

One of the major problems HP laptop users face is Laptop heating. Not only HP, every laptop user have to face this problem eventually. Overheating can cause damages for both internal and external organs of your laptop and affects the performance like the machine will slow down, while you’re performing something important it keeps shutting down. Even these things may lead to burn and other safety problems. Besides, fixing internal components is pretty expensive, so let’s know the actual causes of overheating-

  1. Blockage in vents cause overheating. Check the sides of your laptop. In HP laptop problems the exhaust vents are mostly located at the back. If your laptop accumulates a vast amount of dust, it may clog the air vents and the generated heat cannot be passed away from the laptop body.
  2. Improper placement can be another reason of overheating HP laptop. As it blocks the airflow through the vents. So the best placement of a laptop is on a hard, transparent place with proper ventilation.
  3. The internal faulty laptop fan can contribute to the overheating laptop. In fact, the laptop can’t be cool down without a properly functioned fan. Booting up may cause this problem.
  4. Adding different new components like hard disk, sound card in your laptop can make it use more resources and cause overheating.

Over performed device, incongruous operating system may also lead your HP laptop to overheating.
Touchpad failure
Many HP laptop user complained that they can’t move the mouse cursor properly. It’s the most common issue and easiest to solve. Without a useless touchpad, you might feel you’ve got a cripple laptop. But let’s not fret, there are reasons for this issue.

  1. If your operating system is not responding to any commands you’re throwing, the touchpad will not work as well. So the laptop goes frozen, try to open windows key and resolve the problem.
  2. Sometimes external devices automatically disabled the touchpad. Troubleshooting steps can help in this case. Disconnecting all the external devices and restarting the computer can solve this problem.
  3. Outdated drivers can cause touchpad failure. So check for your laptop’s driver updates. Use an external mouse or use your keyboard to do the updates.

Black screen
It may be feel like hell if your beloved HP laptop go black. Many HP laptop users face this problem like the computer starts but it doesn’t display any image on screen. Even worse can happen, you won’t be able to turn on the monitor when you boot the device. It doesn’t mean your laptop monitor is damaged and have to buy a new one. Before throwing it away, know the causes-

  1. The most possible cause of laptop black screen is the hardware issue. You have to potentially disassemble your HP laptop like you may have to remove something from it.
  2. If you can’t see anything on the screen but can hear the sound of the song or movie you played. It indicates, your computer isn’t booting.
  3. You log in to your computer but the screen remains black. It points to the operating system, may be a corrupted file preventing it from loading.
  4. An overheating laptop can cause black screen. When it overheats, can lead to turn off the display,
  5. If the screen is partially visible, then the brightness may be turned low by power setting. If such thing happens, increasing the brightness can help.

Hard drive becomes slow
For many reasons your HP laptop may slow down. This gives you an exhausted feeling. But you have to find out, the potential reasons for this nature. Let’s know them-

  1. You may have downloaded so many programs. Those programs are waiting your permission but you left them unchecked. Once you allow all of them, it will start running in the background and your laptop will become slow.
  2. What if your hard drive is 95% full? Your laptop will be slowed down by 50%. Deleting the unused files can help in this case.
  3. To enhance web experience, browser extensions can help you usefully. But they can be the culprit behind your slowed down computer as they eat up the processing power.
  4. If you have opened too many browser tabs your browser may hogging far more than its available space. It will slow down the function also.

System crash
A crashing computer gives you nothing but frustration. Even random crashes can cause loss of data, change in files. HP laptop users and others may face HP laptop problems. Let’s know the causes-

  1. The most common cause of random crash is overheating. If you can’t ensure sufficient airflow, the hardware become hot and fail to function properly. It leads to system crash.
  2. If you are facing random freezing, shutdown and reboot, there’s something wrong with the hardware.
  3. Faulty software can cause system crashes.
  4. Malware and viruses can lead to computer crashes.

Now you know the problems most HP laptop users attend also the causes of those issues.