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Many people who launch a business, and develop online strategies, wonder if content marketing can have an effect in persuading and attracting customers to your business. Surprisingly, the answer is always YES.
The text is the main tool of every marketing professional and has been established as an essential strategy to grow a business. If you want your business to continue growing and not become stagnant, your best option might be to engage professionals that offer ghostwriting services who can create fresh and quality content consistently. This way you might add value to your readers and gain better visibility through the network.
In addition to communicating, the objectives that we must keep in mind are these: inform, persuade, sell, entertain, and we can’t forget to create an empathy with the user to create an emotional connection. In this, we must focus at the time of writing, because after all, our ultimate goal is to increase our sales.
Tips to improve your strategy
First I would like to explain, what is one of the most effective techniques of marketing, have you heard about copywriting?
Copywriting consists of creating messages with the objective of influencing a specific audience. And the way to influence them is by making them perform a specific action, be it a purchase, fill out a form, and download a document, that is, any action of value for our company.
And to get this technique to work perfectly, here are some useful tips:
Find a topic that interests your audience
Your function here will be to find the topic you are going to talk about. Do not forget that the subject must be related to your product. Because if you choose to write about something that many people search through the network, but it is not related to what you sell, your strategy will not work.
Another option is to search, within our theme, which keywords are the most searched on the Internet and depending on this, decide on one topic or another. A tool to identify these keywords is the Adwords Keyword Planner.
Make it attractive
In addition to the idea you want to communicate, there are other issues that are important, such as its structure. The article has to be attractive and easy to navigate through it.
For this, a good article must have images and videos (when appropriate). In addition, the paragraphs must be short, must have subtitles and words highlighted in bold, so that the reader can scan it quickly and get an idea of what the text is about.
And finally, the language must be simple and close, adapted to our client. If my client were a programmer, it would be fantastic to speak with a technical language (HTML, CSS, PHP …), but if my client is not an expert on these subjects and his profession is different, we could bore him and confuse him, so if not you want them to leave your page, use a simpler language.
Quality article, non-advertising
We all know that the first thing a reader fixes on is the headline and the first paragraph of the text. If you hook them, they will continue to read and be interested in what you are telling them. But if it does not happen like that, they will leave your page and it’s over, maybe they will not come back.
So, what do we have to do to get a visitor to trust us and get them hooked? Although our intention is to attract customers, we can’t be so direct and promote ourselves in the article saying that we are the best in that sector. That is an advertising article and that is not our task.
What we must do is to satisfy the needs of our public, providing them with valuable content and then, in the end, show the information that interests us.
Imagine that you have a website built with the help of companies like Cefar, that is easy to navigate through, and publishes quality articles that add value to the user. However, despite having a great website, you are not getting enough traffic. That’s when you should stop and say “what am I doing wrong?”
SEO positioning is essential to attract traffic to your website. Whether you have a simple blog, or you are a SaaS provider, if you have not done anything to position your page, you should take action on the matter and hire the best SaaS websites development service or similar ones in order to improve traffic on your site.
Are you aware of how important it is for your page to appear on Google in the first results? What do I have to do to get it? This is not achieved overnight, but let’s start little by little. Using white label SEO services and keywords in the text, as well as trying to make the URL friendly, using tags, and getting links to your posts.
Call to Action
A Call to Action (CTA) is an active call that suggests you do something concrete.
You must analyze where you want to place that button on your website and where you want to take that new person who is visiting your website.
For example, at the end of an article, look for a way to get the attention of the user to register in your newsletter or to send you to the page where your products or services are. For it to have more effect, a good idea would be to offer some gift or incentive (eBook, discount …), in exchange for subscribing or buying something.