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A Mac user knows how much important a logic board is! In an Apple computer, the logic board considers as the core of the computer. A logic board kind of similar to mother board that used in PCs and other system. On the other hand a logic board used in mac. It’s a circuit board that contains different system components as well as the ports which tend to connect with other part of the Apple computer. in this article we’ll discuss how to repair logic board of a MacBook .

How to repair logic board of a MacBook?

Along with memory card the other components including microprocessor is also being seated on the logic board of the Apple computer. In a MacBook there’s a good number of ports which can be connected with other devices in a custom configuration that suits variety of needs of a user. It may include external droves, storage or other. Here the logic board works as a main brain of the Apple computer. it houses all the important components and make the system work for the user. Now let’s know how to repair the logic board of a MacBook-

At first you have to keep it in mind that logic board failure is a very common problem may happen to a old MacBook. You need a few elements to make it work. Such as-

  • An oven. (Don’t be afraid, you’ll need it).
  • Thermal compound.
  • 6” screwdriver.
  • Foil made of aluminum.
  • Small screwdriver.


 Step1: Using the screwdriver open the top case. Here you’ll need both 6” and a small screwdriver to open it.

Step2: Remove the logic board as well as the thermal compound using both the 6”and the small screwdriver.

Step3: Clean the logic board of your MacBook.

Step 4: Cover the logic board with the aluminum foil and put it into the oven. 

Step5: Turn the oven on and put the temperature into 220 degree/320 degree Fahrenheit with air circulation.

Step6: Turn off the oven after 7 minutes and open it for a moment.

Step7: put the new thermal compound for cooling wait for it cooled down.

Step8: After the logic board seems to cool down, move it out from the oven.

Step9: install the logic board all again carefully.

Step10: Put the case on its place. After waiting sometime turn on the MacBook and check everything is working properly or not.

Following all these steps should solve your problems. But if you’ve got a bad logic board then the steps may not work for you and you have to replace the logic board or go for the technician to cross check. These steps worked well on me. That’s why I’ve shared this.

What are the reasons of a bad logic board?

Normally a logic board last for a lifetime in a computer. While sometimes it may fail and need to be replaced for many reasons for example – device failure or other damages due to external factors. If your Apple computer face any of the problems then you should keep it in mind that you need to repair the logic board of the Apple computer. A technician’s service is essential to repair the logic board but keep it in mind that repairing it depends on the condition, procedure and system of the computer. if it’s repairable then there’s nothing to worry about but if it’s not then you may need to replace the logic board. After discussing the reasons of a bod logic board we’ll discuss how to repair a logic board of a MacBook or Apple computer.

  • It’s not charging: You’ve put your MacBook on charge, after you come to see how much it’s charged as you’ve something important to do. But it’s not taking charge. In this case you may try to clean the charging port using a dry piece of cloth and try to clear dirt or dust stuck to the port. Then try if it’s taking charge or not. Test the charging cable as well. If it still fails to charge then the issue is associated with the logic board and you may have to go to the technicians to repair or replace it.
  • Non-recognizable battery:  What if your MacBook isn’t recognizing the battery? Don’t rush to find the problem as it can be connected with your mother board. So what you can do is go a technician or follow the method of how to repair logic board.
  • Random crash: Doing an important assignment on the MacBook and suddenly it crashed. Trying to turn it on you’re seeing it’s crashing again and again. What to do now? Random crashes occur when there’s something wrong with the logic board. Following the repairing methods may solve this problem.
  • No image on screen: The Apple computer is on but it’s not screening any image on the screen. May be the problem is associated with display, in this case you really have to go for the technician. But it can also be the logic board. You can try to recover it by following the steps.
  • Bad USB port: When connecting the pen drive into the USB port, it’s taking it. Cross check the pen drive connecting with the other devices, if it’s working well with the other devices then then the pen drive is good. Now clean the USB port and connect it again. If it still showing the same problem then you may have to repair the logic board.    


As a MacBook user or other computer user, one need to be aware about the warranty of the computer. If you face any problems with your Apple computer. The first thing to do is check the warranty and the conditions. If it doesn’t help you then following the steps written under How to repair the logic board of a MacBook should solve your problem as it solved mine.   Otherwise, if you see any error or failure again then go for the technicians, they’ll do some diagnostic tests to check if can be repaired or need to be replaced.