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Trojan known as Trojan horse is a form of virus that disguised as true software. Have you remembered the ancient Greek story ‘Fall of the city of Troy’? the word ‘Trojan’ has derived from the story about the insidious Trojan horse caused the fall of the city of Troy. Beside the differences the malware Trojan and the wooden Trojan, both are destructive. The malware Trojan often masked as a simple software. This virus designed to cause damaging, disrupting, stealing your important data. As it works slowly, detecting Trojan virus in your windows 10 is pretty much difficult.

How your computer get Trojan virus

Like the other viruses a Trojan horse virus cannot execute or replicate themselves, unless you give the permission. So it’s a masked malware which will come in front of you as a pleasant application you’re interested in. suppose you love music, you saw a music down loader or a file and really want to check out. That file can be a Trojan malware shown as a music file. Before removing a Trojan virus from windows 10, you need to know how you can get them.

  1. From file sharing sites:

Though Tech savvy people occasionally uses other file sharing sites but they can get this virus from appealing sites like torrent websites. These sites allow their users and show variety of appealing reasons to share their files. They offer people the most premium programs for free. Also the file sharing sites are
truly attractive to the cyber criminals want access to your personal information. Trojan horse virus can appear as a music file, popular games, movie sites etc.

  1. Through fake email attachments:

Your windows 10 can be infected with Trojan horse virus through fake email attachments. Many hackers simultaneously send attached email to many people, hoping that they will instantly click on that file. Beside that these mails will appear like you got a message from a known person.

  1. Because of spoofed messages:

A huge number of software programs and applications let people chat with others from their personal device. If someone use those software and chat regardless without taking any precaution, there’s a huge chance that person’s windows will be infected with Trojan virus.
Instead of individual users most cyber criminals target business sites to hijack information. Even accidently if you visit these sites you windows can be infected. So in many ways your window can welcome Trojan virus.

How you can detect Trojan malware?

Once Trojan enters in your windows system, it will do unbelievable destructions. Like –
– Formatting your important files, pictures and others.
– Destroying your disks.
– Slowing down the working capability of your windows.
– Keeping track of your visit to other sites.
– Installing more malicious applications in your device.
– Visiting through your sensitive information.
If you face any of these problems, there’s a high chance your windows is in under control of Trojan horse virus.

Let’s remove Trojan virus from Windows 10

It’s crucial to remove Trojan virus if you notice any of the signs of getting it. Once you detect the associated virus, you have to restart your windows 10 pc. Before restarting your pc must Backup your windows 10 important files.

  1. Running Microsoft Defender:

Microsoft defender is an effective antimalware available for free can protect windows user from virus, malware etc. It will save your infected windows 10 by detecting and removing Trojan horse virus. To do so-
– Find the search box and type Windows security. Now select Virus and Threat protection option.
– Now click Scan option and select Full scan.
– Then click Scan now option.

  1. Performing System Restore:

Reverting your computer to previous point can help you to get rid of any malfunction including Trojan horse virus. Running a system restore is a good idea if yours computer files are infected with Trojan virus. Figuring out how long your windows 10 has been facing such problem is a bit tricky.
Try to remember that. To perform a system restores-
– Type restore on the search bar.
– Now click Create a Restore Point.
– Then click on System Restore, (Under the System Protection option).
– Select Choose a different system Restore. Then select Next.
Remember this method will only help if you have a previous restore point. Otherwise just skip this method and move to the next one.

  1. AVG antivirus software:

AVG antivirus can really help with removing Trojan virus from your Windows 10. You’ll find free and paid both version available on the internet. To do so-
– Visit AVG’s site and download your preferred one for free or buy one.
– Follow the installation process.
– After installing the program, open and run it.
– Now click on the scan tab and select Scan PC.

  1. Loading PC on Safe Mode:

Trojan virus can be so destructive that it can prevent any antivirus software from scanning your windows 10. Not only that, it can quarantine any malware infection on your device. Loading your PC in safe mode can save your windows from it. To do it-
– Press Windows Icon + R.
– Now type Ms-config. Then press OK.
– Under the Boot tap option of Check off Safe boot.

  1. Resetting PC:

If you are still in doubt, you haven’t got rid of Trojan virus. Uninstalling and reinstalling Windows 10 can help with no doubt. For that-
– Search Reset this PC on the Windows start icon.
– Click on Get started.
– Follow the instructions given to reset your computer.
– After resetting, upload all the files and install Windows 10.
– Now run Windows Defender to make sure no Trojan malware left in your computer.

How to keep your computer safe from Trojan virus in future

In modern age, we cannot live without internet. But the internet is full of dangers, there’s cyber criminals, hackers, thieves who want access over your personal credentials. If you already have faced such problem. Now you need to be cautious so that you can keep your Windows 10 safe from further infection in future. After removing Trojan virus from Windows 10 –
– Make sure your computer is up to date.
– Keep yourself away from downloading anything from third party.
– Set Windows Defender and AVG antivirus to run automatically.
– Don’t open any mail, picture or link came from an unknown.
– Always install software and application from trusted sources.
Trojan horse virus is a contaminated technology cause severe damage to your Windows 10 computer. You can follow all the methods mentioned above from removing Trojan virus to stay away from this virus. Hopefully, it will help all of you going through such malfunction.