How to fix mouse double click setting of windows

It’s really annoying when something wrong happen to your computer. Especially when you have to work on a deadline project or anything important. You may feel like screaming the time when your mouse do something wrong. Even though you pressed only once on the mouse button, your mouse keep double clicking on icons or others. There’re multiple reasons that cause such problem. So in this article, you’ll be known to the causes and the ways of “how to fix mouse double click setting of windows?”.
Why mouse double click?
Annoyingly your mouse is acting up, you may click only once but it fires twice. There’re several theories behind such glitch. so let’s know the reasons first-

  1. In your windows the speed setting of double click has set lot low.
  2. You’ve got a dirty mouse.
  3. Non-wired signal interface.
  4. Updated windows in a wrong way.
  5. System files got corrupted.
  6. A defective mouse.
  7. Computer motherboard become defective.

How to fix mouse double click setting of windows?
No matter what are the problems, every problem come with a solution. So don’t waste your time just drive to the issues and fix mouse double click setting of windows. Here, we’ll detail both the problems and the solution of each problem.

  1. Fix speed setting: The most common reason your mouse keeps double clicking, even if you’re clicking only once is double click speed setting for the mouse has set too low. Because of such setting, clicking on the mouse at two different times may lead to double clicking at once. To adjust such setting follow the following steps according to the version of windows.
  • For windows 8 & 10.
    1. Tap the Windows Key.
    2. Type Mouse Settings and tap Enter.
    3. Open settings windows. Navigate to the Related settings. Under that, click on the “Additional mouse option”.
    4. The mouse properties window will open up.
    5. On that window, click on the option ‘Button’.
    6. Under that option, you’ll see a ‘Double click speed’. Adjust the slider according to your requirement and click ‘Ok’.
    7. Now test out the adjustment of double click speed and if this setting has resolved your problem or not. If you’re facing the same problems again then go through the above steps and adjust the speed.
  • For windows 7 and older version.
  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Double click on the mouse settings icon.
  3. Open the ‘Mouse properties’ window.
  4. Click on the ‘Button’ tab.
  5. Under the button tab, now adjust the ‘Double-click option’ according to requirement.
  6. Click ‘Ok”.
  7. Now test out the adjustment of double click speed and if this setting has resolved your problem or not. If you’re facing the same problems again then go through the above steps and adjust the speed.
  1. Clogged mouse: A mouse button may get clogged because of dirt and dust. It makes mouse dirty and sticky. A mouse with sticky button result in malfunctioning like a double click action. What makes mouse button sticky? If you spilled liquid on the mouse, it makes the mouse button sticky. The cleaning process depends on the component your mouse got.
    • Dirt: Dust or dirt may cause malfunction on the button of your mouse. With compressed air you can blow out the dust or dirt around the mouse.
    • Liquid: If you accidentally spill liquid on the mouse, it difficult to clean out. Even if it’s hard, it’s not impossible. The liquid can be water, juice or anything. If it’s water, you can dry out the mouse using a dryer. After drying out the mouse, check if the problem has solved. But if it’s something like juice or other than water. Then the drying out process may not work as it may leave the stickiness. Stickiness is hard to clean up.

After following above ways of cleaning your mouse can’t solve the problem. It’s recommended to replace your mouse as soon as possible.

  1. Signal interference: if you’re using a wireless mouse then you may face double clicking problem with signal interference. Here, the interference will occur between the mouse’s wireless signal and the wireless receiver. A disrupted wireless signal caused because of interference can make computer receive wrong, incorrect and misinterpret signals from the mouse. The most common kinds of interferences may include-
  • Electromagnetic interference also known as EMI from the speaker of your computer.
  • Electrical interference from the monitor of your computer.
  • Radio frequency interference referred a RFI from the wireless router or network router or a cordless phone.

To abandon electrical interference or EMI, try place the wireless receiver of the mouse away from the computer speaker or monitor. Sometimes moving the receiver a little space away may resolve the issue. Besides if you can make sure the wireless receiver of the mouse is not positioned in line between the computer and the wireless network router, you may successfully reduce or eliminate radio frequency interference or RFI. But if it’s the cordless phone near the mouse. Move the phone’s base several feet away from the PC.

  1. Wrong windows update: Microsoft publishes frequent updates for Windows. Though updates seem important to fix bugs as well as add new features. Here the windows updates may result in inviting bugs and viruses in your computer. After installing the new windows updates, it may make your mouse started double clicking on its own. By uninstalling the update you may solve the double clicking problem. To do this-
  • Open ‘Control Panel’.
  • Find ‘Programs and Features’ icon or ‘Add/Remove Programs’ icon.
  • After opening the window, click on the option ‘View installed updates’ situated in the left menu of navigation.
  • Find out Microsoft Windows Updates, select the recent installed update. Here the most recent update tend to listed at first position.
  • Above the list of updates, from the menu bar click on the ‘Uninstalled’ option.
  • It’ll ask if you want to uninstall the update or not. Click ‘Yes’.

Now test, if the mouse’s double click issue has resolved or not, after uninstalling the windows update.

  1. Corrupted system files: The corrupted system files in the Windows operating system may lead to several hardware and software functionality problems. Believe it or not, corrupted system files may impact a mouse single or double click. To resolve this problem-
  • Activate the restore point. This way you may go back to the date when the problem started occurring.
  • It can fix the corrupted system files and restore the proper functionality of your mouse.
  1. Defected mouse: A malfunctioned mouse may possibly cause double clicking problem. A mouse with a defective circuit board or tension spring may lead to malfunction. For this reason your mouse less likely to recognize a single click or a double click correctly. If something like this happens, the best solution is to purchase a new mouse. Fixing such mouse is not worthy. But if you face such problem with your gaming mouse which is expensive. Then look for it’s warranty or how it can be fixed.
  2. Defected motherboard: After performing troubleshooting, if the computer mouse is still so the same then your computer motherboard is defective. Issues with a capacitor or integrated circuit, or IC chips may raise various types of troubles, including the mouse’s double-clicking problem. A defective motherboard can make the computer misinterpret signals from the mouse. If the problem is with the motherboard then it’s more difficult to detect and solve. To solve this issue, you can take the computer to the repair shop. Besides, testing the motherboard may solve many problems, including the mouse’s double click issue. Also, check for other defects like damaged tape and reel, which can have various IC or other electronic parts that can affect mouse workability. You could consult a company similar to ProEx to create a customized product for you and reduce expenses.

Nowadays many windows user facing problems with mouse double click. In this article we’ve broadly discussed how to fix mouse double click settings of windows. By following all the steps discussed above, you may successfully solve the problem.