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If you’re having problems with your laptop screen, we have the solution to help you fix the internal crack. Internal crack is a common problem in laptops, so fixing it is important. But if the problem is not addressed immediately, then it may lead to severe damage to your computer or even worse – damaging of your eyesight. Here are some simple solutions that will help you solve this issue and prevent damage to your device.

Laptop screen often crack on the edges and corners. It is difficult to repair it because of the cracks are at the outer surface of the screen. If you can fix internal crack on laptop screen? So it will be more useful. But if you have no idea how to do it, then you should search some guides on this blog.

The following might be some of common causes behind cracked laptop screens:

Laptop screens are highly vulnerable to cracks and cracks can be caused by a number of factors. They can be caused by the following:

  • A faulty component
  • Inadequate heat
  • Damage from the sun
  • Dust accumulation
  • Water damage
  • External pressure
  • Defective Motherboard
  • Defective Touchpad or Touchscreen
  • Defective Fan or Fan Motor
  • Defective Hard Drive
  • Defective Processor or Processor Overheating
  • Defective Keyboard and Keypad
  • External shock
  • Overheating
  • Overclocking or overvoltage
  • Physical damage from dropping or banging your laptop screen .

Normal use of your computer case can cause certain components to fail. These could be items such as the hinges, rubber grommets or any part that touches something metal inside the case. The most abundant factor causing laptop screen damage is improper placement and connection of the LCD panel assembly into its frame by using faulty screws. Poorly placed resistant strips inside some cases can also contribute to cracking because they are subject to much higher stresses than an external piece of A-grade plastics would experience during everyday usage over time like what occurs within a regular zippy bag (long term storage).

How to fix internal crack on laptop screen?

Laptop screens are sensitive to impact, and can break from a small drop or knock. If you have an internal crack on your laptop screen, it can be repaired. It is best to have your laptop repaired at a service center. However, if you are not comfortable with taking it to a service center, you can do it yourself. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Clean the screen with warm water and mild soap

Step 2: Apply pressure to the screen using a soft cloth

Step 3: Gently pull up on the screen to take it out of your laptop

This will remove any dirt or grime from underneath the glass. It is also a good idea to have someone watch you do this in case you accidentally break something (note that if there is anything sticking around inside, make sure and get those out before proceeding). If everything goes well, all that remains now with reattaching your screen as follows:

Step 4 : Shut down computer when screensaver appears after about 1 minute. You might need to restart for sure !

Step 5: Apply pressure back to screen until it snaps in place

Step 6: If all is done, reboot and turn on laptop, if screen goes black with no image but happens again – Your lid switch (switch over switches) isn’t working. Try touching the button for about 15 seconds. This should reset everything and you’ll see your computer function properly again! Hope this helped and good luck fixing your laptop!

How do I stop my laptop screen from cracking more?

If you are facing the problem of laptop screen cracking, you can use a few tips to prevent your laptop screen from cracking more.

1. Keep your laptop in a room where there is no sunlight or any extreme temperature.

2. Avoid using laptop on leather surfaces as this may cause discoloration.

3. Avoid using laptop on wooden surfaces as this may cause discoloration.

4. Laptop screen should be cleaned regularly with a soft and clean cloth in order to protect the screen from becoming dirty.

5. The most effective way of preventing your laptop from cracking is changing out of standard heat fins which are used for laptops with fans. Standard heat fins can actually cause extreme stress on screens that have cracks!

6. The top and bottom of your laptop screen are more prone to cracking as they are closest to where the heat fins will sit during normal use.

7. Temperature changes can cause a problem on laptops that have screens, unplugging or restarting the computer could make them crack severely! This is a simple guide to help people choose and use the right laptop screen protectors. I hope it will help you save money, time and of course reduce damage in your laptop. If you have any more knowledge or techniques that believed may be helpful to others who are facing issues like cracking problem during working on laptops please share with us via comments below so we can evaluate them .


The laptop screen can crack because of external factors. These external factors include sudden drop, heating, and impact from other objects. There are some ways to fix the internal crack on laptop screen such as using heat gun or hair dryer. To avoid the internal crack on laptop screen you should be careful when carrying it by hands or placing it in your bag. Do not carry your laptop in your pocket if it is too heavy because the weight will cause a bending of the screen which can make the internal cracks more likely to happen.

When you are out and about, there is a chance that your laptop might get accidentally damaged. Sometimes, this can be repaired by using the right tools and fixing the internal crack on your screen. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this article, please let us know in the comments below.