How to fix a crashed computer for Windows 10

How will you feel? If your windows 10 computer crashes, while you are watching your favorite movie or focusing on something important. This will make feel like throwing that device out of the window or make you think what you’ve done to cause such crash. At the same time it’s so frustrating.
Before throwing your crashed computer into the bin, you should definitely try to fix it. Because of computer files and hardware faulty, your computer can crash. So let’s not panic, there are workarounds to fix a crashed computer for windows 10.
Let’s know some fixes for Windows 10 crashing issues helped so many to resolve such problem. Though you really don’t have to try all the fixing methods. Until everything is working properly like before, just go through the solutions.

Here are the 7 methods to fix your crashed computer for Windows 10

  1. Disconnecting all the external devices.
  2. Turning off the link state power management.
  3. Updating available drivers.
  4. Conducting system file checker.
  5. Checking for malware and virus.
  6. Disabling fast startup.
  7. Restoring the previous state.

Disconnecting all the external devices.

If you’ve connected your computer with any external devices, it may cause your windows system crashing. Communication problem between your device and the Windows 10 system can be occurred if you have connected it with other devices. So Bluetooth, headset or SSD, unplug all the external devices and restart the computer to check if it resolves Windows 10 crashing issues. Then if the computer stops
crashing again, your problem has resolved. Now you can connect all your external devices again. To locate the issue, you can reboot your computer. If restarting doesn’t work, go for the next one.

Turning off the link state power management:

Something may go wrong with the power management of your computer, so by turning off the Link State Power Management, it can be fixed. To do it-
a) Go to the search box of your desktop and type Control Panel. Now click on the Control Panel to open it.
b) Click on the Power Option. (Try to view control panel with small or large icons).
c) Now click Change plan settings. In this case click whichever power plan you’ve selected earlier. After selecting you have chosen earlier click on the Change advanced power settings.
d) Now scroll down the PCI Express and double click on the option to expand it.
e) Change the status of the Link State Power Management to OFF by double clicking.
f) Click on Apply and OK option to save the settings. Now restart your computer. It should solve your Windows crashing issues.

Updating available drivers:

A computer with missing and outdated drivers can cause the system crashing. If you really don’t want to face such problems, just keep your drivers up to date.
Manually you can keep your drivers up to date. Let’s know how to do it-
At first take the arrow to the Manufacturer’s website of your computer. Now you have to find the most compatible latest driver for your operating system. After finding download and install it in your device. Through it requires time and computer skills but it can solve the problem.

Conducting system file checker:

In your computer, if there are corrupted system files, no doubt that your computer will crash very often. So you should scan and repair the corrupted files of your computer using SFC to save it from crashing down. System File Checker (SFC) which is known as a built-in Windows tool, scans and repairs the corrupted system files. To conduct SFC –
a) Type cmd. Run as administrator should be selected by right clicking Command Prompt option, then to verify UAC click Yes.
b) Once you point the command prompt, type sfc /scan now and press Enter option.
c) Now Windows will automatically verify the system files and fix any issues occurred to it.
d) Once it verifies completely, exit from the Command Prompt and launch the program you received the error. If Windows 10 still crashes, don't worry. We have something else to try.

Checking malware and virus:

Malware or virus can cause terrible harm to your computer. If your device is infected with such things, no matter the virus can crash your system every now and then. So it’s important to conduct a full scan Through the system. Unfortunately, only the Windows defender is not enough to fix the problem, so you also have to try another antivirus program, like McAfee or Norton. Just go through the instructions Given by the antivirus program to fix any problem. Then you can restart your computer.

Disabling fast startup:

If you have enabled the fast startup features in your computer, your Windows 10 may crash now and then. So to make sure a disabled fast startup. You have to –
a) Type Control Panel on the search box and click on the option to open it.
b) Click on the Power Option. (Try to view control panel with small or large icons).
c) Choose what the power buttons do.
d) If the Shutdown settings look gray and cannot be changed anyway, then click Change settings that are currently unavailable option.
e) Then uncheck the option next to Turn on fast startup. And click Save changes. Restart your computer to check if it fixes the Windows 10 crashing issues.

Restoring the previous state:

If you have recently upgraded your Windows 10 or installed a new software or application. Upgrading device or installing anything has link with your Windows crashing issues. In this case rolling back to
the previous state would be great for your Windows system. To do so-

  1. Uninstall the programs that you have recently installed. Uninstalling new programs or applications can save your computer from crashing down.

a) Tap the Windows logo key and R to summon the Run box.
b) Type appwiz.cpl on your keyboard and click OK.
c) Uninstall the program/application that you have recently installed. If there are more than one new installed application, you’ll need to repeat the uninstallation process. Then restart your computer to fix
the crashing issue.

  1. Perform a system restore

By restoring your system and going back to the previous state, you can resolve Windows 10 crashing problem.
a) Type recovery on the search box of your desktop and select the Recovery option in the list of results.
b) Select Open System Restore.
c) Then select choose a different restore point. Before the system crash occurs again, select the restore point. Now follow instructions coming on your screen to finish the restore. By following the solutions given above, hopefully you will be able to solve your windows 10 crashing issues.