How to check computer specs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP?

Among the computer users, very few have the idea about every single detail of a computer. But its necessary to know about the basic specifications of a computer or Windows operating system for a smooth operation of the computer. There are certain ways through which we can know about the specification of a computer.

To check the computer specs for Windows XP, windows vista and windows 7, just click the start button and open computer by clicking the right button you will find the major computer specification in the screen. And in case of Windows 8 just go to settings, select system to find the computer specs. If it’s not available just right click on documents, right click computer, and select properties. You will find the same screen in that way.

It’s likely to learn about Windows 10 you may rate your private technique data, processor, and hard disk drive, graphics, bios, thickness, computer system variant, os, and also even additional specs in an assortment of ways. Depending upon the application form which you’re employing, the further information obtainable will most be somewhat one of a kind.

One can check out the computer specifications by pc specs checker. There are many pc specs checkers available, among them msinfo32.exe and systeminfo.exe are very popular.

System Facts Isn’t Just a Brand new application on Windows-10, however, it one of many greatest tools it’s possible. You can check computer specs through msinfo32.exe. Just download it and simply install it and be the master of all your computer specs.

There is another very simple way to check the specs of any windows version. Just download the systeminfo.exe file from a trusted website. Run the file as administrator. After finishing installation you will be able to see all kind of specs of your computer, it may of any windows version.

If you want to test your computer specs, there are certain games demand certain specification of pc. In the online there are millions of games available. If you want to play those firstly you will need certain configuration. If the pc does not meet the required specification you will not be able to play the game. Thus you can test your pc specs. When you will know what your pc spec is, you will be able to download the game according to your pc specs. And after you can play the game without any trouble you will get sure about the accuracy of your computer specs.

What is my computer?
More or less all the computer users have the basic idea about my computer tool in a pc. My computer is a tool by using which you can get the basic idea about your pc specs. In most of windows versions, you can get my computer tool by pressing windows icon + E together. Or for some versions click the start button and select my computer or even you can get my computer tool directly on the desktop in some other versions.

How to check laptop specs?
In the laptop, you can check your specifications by right-click on My Computer and select Properties, Look for System in the Properties window. Whatever the version of Windows you may have, you’ll be able to see your laptop’s OS, memory, processor and other specification through this way.
Knowing the specification of your computer is very necessary for you in case of going for an upgrade, replacement and even if you want to use multiple applications and games in your pc. You will be able to know the specs of your computer by following the above mentioned methods.