How to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop

There’s nothing which can give you more enjoyment on playing your Playstation 5 on a big screen. But sometimes you can’t always hog around the living room. You may want to play your Playstation 5 laying on the bed through your Windows PC. If you’re looking for ‘How to connect Playstation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop’ just go through the article to know details about this. By doing so, you’ll be able to play your desired game through installing it in the Windows PC or laptop. But the game need to be streamed from your PS5.

How to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop

To connect the PlayStation 5 with a Windows 10 PC or laptop, the PlayStation need to be connected with the internet. This way will let you get away from the living room and still playing PS5 at your PC desk. Let’s know the steps to connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

1.       Prepare PC5 for streaming.

      I.            Enable the feature in your laptop or PC. To do this head your mouse to the settings option.

 II.            Go to the system.

  III.            Click on Remote Play. Now flip and switch on the Enable remote Play.

 IV.            Beside this you may also head to System from the setting menu and then Power Saving.

 V.            Open Features Available in Rest Mode.

  VI.            Turn on Stay Connected to the Internet’ as well as ‘Enable Turning on PS5 from the Network’. This way you can wake up your sleepy PS5 from the rest mode.

A good internet connection along with a strong home network is required to stream games from one room to another room in the house. A decent internet connection is necessary to stream from a PS5 at home. Here the connection may be lost while playing games if you stay a lot away from the router or somewhere else. For best results, plug the PS5 into the router through the Ethernet cable. It’s a matter of sadness that you have to stick with the Wi-Fi network to stream to a phone as you can’t stream Remote Play over mobile data.  During the process of setup-

·         Test the internet connection.

·         Stream quality can be dropped to 720p, 540p and even lower if needed.

·         If the Wi-Fi connection is down, try to improve it.

2.       Setup PlayStation 5 to Remote Play.

                                I.            Download PS5 Remote Play.

                              II.            After you’re done with downloading PS5 Remote Play from your desired site, follow the on screen instructions to run the setup files.

                            III.            After installing the Remote Play, press Finish.

                            IV.            Now launch the program.

                              V.            Using the PlayStation Network Account. You’ve to Sign in to the Remote Play Program. Here you need to use the same account you’ve used on your PS5. 

                            VI.            To enable remote play at first go to Settings and follow the discussed instructions earlier.

                          VII.            From the Remote Play App, click on the PS% icon.

                        VIII.            Now the Remote Play will begin to be connected to your PlayStation 5.

                            IX.            The Remote Play is already connected. It’ll let you play PS5 games on your computer.

Following all these steps should help you to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop. You should know that the Remote Play program works really well on a desktop windows PC or laptop.


Now you know that it’s very easy to Connect PlayStation 5 to a Windows 10 PC or Laptop. You can play your favorite game from your favorite place. It doesn’t require any excess hassle to move from one room to another as you’ve the freedom to move from the sofa to computer chair or bed. Transferring the whole PS5 station isn’t necessary. Hopefully the methods discussed in the article have provided you all the answers regarding – How to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop? It also helped others.