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If you’re an aspiring computer technician with repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting skills, the first thing you want to know before getting a job is the computer repairman salary. The increasing needs for these devices are the reasons why technicians still make a decent income and aren’t going to be jobless anytime soon; no matter how many join the industry each year.

So, How Much Do Computer Techs Make?

Serious job seekers want to look beyond a mere mathematical figure (annual average or an hourly rate). In practice, the actual pay varies based on the specific area of repair services you’re versed in.
Typically, computer support services fall into several categories, such as network support, hardware services, etc. Also, there’re differences in the income potentials for repairmen with varying skill levels. Expert technicians make significantly higher amounts than entry-level or junior professionals do.

Average Computer Service Technician Salary

The total earning made by a technician includes a few other compensations and remunerations which vary widely by employers and states. Also, the pay rate per hour varies depending on the technicians’ skill levels and the hiring companies. Here’s an average of all factors that make the annual income.

  • Hourly Pay: $9.73 – $21.41
  • Tips (Hourly): $0.83
  • Overtime Allowance: $14.64 – $34.61
  • Bonus and Incentives: $196 – $4,872
  • Commission: $1,252
  • Profit Sharing and Other Remunerations: $2,250
  • Total Annual Income: $20,510 – $50,034

How much a technician can make may also vary by the industry he/she is working in. according to BLS, repairmen engaged in technical and trade schools receive the highest pay rates.
Other industries that pay well include scientific research institutes, technological development companies, commercial organizations, industrial machinery rentals, etc.
Repair technicians working for office supply stores, stationery shops, departmental chains, gift stores, etc. earn slightly higher than the average national pay rate. Those working for appliance and electronics stores can make the average number.

How Much Do Computer Network Technicians Make?

computer repair technician salary in california
According to the stats, network technicians make higher than those who carry out all repair tasks in general without specializing in this area.

  • Hourly Pay: $12.21 – $26.53
  • Tips (Hourly): $2.00
  • Overtime Allowance: $18.00 – $42.07
  • Bonus and Incentives: $48.72 – $4,933
  • Commission: $4,000
  • Profit Sharing and Other Remunerations: Up to $5,017
  • Total Annual Income: $28,205 – $62,023

How Much Do Computer Repair Techs Make For Hardware Services?

Like computer network supports, hardware installation and repair is a very particular area of mainstream computer repair jobs. Here are the income stats.

  • Hourly Pay: $11.18 – $23.29
  • Overtime Allowance: $16.92 – $34.46
  • Bonus and Incentives: Up to $9,145
  • Profit Sharing and Other Remunerations: $650
  • Total Annual Income: $25,029 – $57,674

Computer Repair Technician Salary for Entry-Levels

Technicians who are just starting the trade make the least amounts, but they can expect substantial growth with time and experience. this data based on computer repair technician salary in California

  • Hourly Pay: $9.19 – $18.56
  • Tips (Hourly): $0.83
  • Overtime Allowance: $12.12 – $27.89
  • Bonus and Incentives: $114 – $3,046
  • Commission: $1,199
  • Profit Sharing and Other Remunerations: $2,250
  • Total Annual Income: $19308 – $42,686

Average Hourly Rate for Computer Repair Experts

Experience Pays! The following list of income variables should remind you of the truth.

  • Hourly Pay: $12.30 – $29.83
  • Overtime Allowance: $19.87 – $44.22
  • Bonus and Incentives: $252 – $5960
  • Commission: $2,400
  • Profit Sharing and Other Remunerations: $3,000
  • Total Annual Income: $28,564 – $65,776

Some experienced professionals may make even higher than the upper limit of annual income, but it entirely depends on the agreement between the technician and the employer.
Since the payments vary quite relatively by states, you may love to have the stats for your individual state. Well, keep reading.

How Much Do Computer Support Technicians Make Per Hour Across All US States?

Here’s an exhaustive list of hourly rates that computer support technicians make across the US states and a contrast between the rates and the national average.

US States Hourly Pay Above/Below National Average
Alabama $16.62 Meets National Average
Alaska $28.28 78% Above
Arizona $15.63 Meets National Average
Arkansas $14.71 7% Below
California $15.76 Meets National Average
Colorado $20.32 28% Above
Connecticut $19.50 12% Above
Delaware $24.19 53% Above
Florida $13.67 14% Below
Georgia $13.60 14% Below
Hawaii $28.04 77% Above
Idaho $14.08 11% Below
Illinois $15.67 Meets National Average
Indiana $15.54 Meets National Average
Iowa $18.84 19% Above
Kansas $16.87 6% Above
Kentucky $16.17 Meets National Average
Louisiana $14.20 10% Below
Maine $16.83 6% Above
Maryland $17.27 9% Above
Massachusetts $18.96 20% Above
Michigan $15.74 Meets National Average
Minnesota $17.01 7% Above
Mississippi $12.41 22% Below
Missouri $18.25 15% Above
Montana $14.88 6% Below
Nebraska $16.64 Meets National Average
Nevada $15.91 Meets National Average
New Hampshire $15.82 Meets National Average
New Jersey $17.72 12% Above
New Mexico $14.53 8% Below
New York $16.93 7% Above
North Carolina $14.60 8% Below
North Dakota $22.12 42% Above
Ohio $14.30 10% Below
Oklahoma $15.24 Meets National Average
Oregon $17.79 12% Above
Pennsylvania $14.93 6% Below
Rhode Island $21.82 40% Above
South Carolina $16.13 Meets National Average
South Dakota $24.09 54% Above
Tennessee $14.33 10% Below
Texas $14.51 8% Below
Utah $13.89 12% Below
Vermont $18.90 19% Above
Virginia $14.12 11% Below
Washington $16.35 Meets National Average
West Virginia $14.26 10% Below
Wisconsin $15.58 Meets National Average
Wyoming $23.88 51% Above

Please be noted that the above information (hourly rate and comparisons with the national average) is based on the data collected from Bureau of Labor Statistics, prominent job portals like Indeed, Glassdoor, Salary, etc. and the last update was made in May 2019. Also, the rates may vary by cities and states, employers’ policies, and other financial factors.