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Home automation the smart gadgets:

Home automation is the next best thing that the tech industry offers to make our lives cozier. Although in the western country it has a wide recognition, general people in our country are yet to grasp the idea. Home automation or demotics basically enables one to control the things we use in our everyday lives over the internet or Wi-Fi in our smartphone. These things can be as simple a porch light or important as the locks of our main doors. An idea flourished to keep up with the ever-busy lives we are living. Surprisingly, this can make someone’s life a lot easier. Suppose, you are going home after a hard day at work, what you wish to do now is to get into a hot bath. Instead of waiting for the water to heat up after you go home, you can simply turn on the heater remotely via the internet and get home to find the water is nice and warm. Although, this wonderful invention has its own flaws. The security issues with the most system can lead to a hack where you can find everything in your house under someone else’s control. Thus, like every other thing connected to the internet, it has a chance to get hacked and stolen. Negative thoughts aside, it’s a wonderful system that can make our lives a lot easier to go by. With large companies like Amazon now getting into the internet of things with Alexa and echo, the security issues possess a lot fewer threats and create scopes to do better. The so-called third generation of home automation shall provide us with robots that can work on our command so this is something to look forward to.