5 Best Cool Google Tricks to Find Information in Google

  1. Use Quotation to Search Exact Order: Google is smarter than before and displays synonymous information on the search If you search for Pen drive in NYC, it might display Flash Drive in NYC as well. Because this can identify related and accurate data for your search. But if you want accurate search result for your keyword, then you have to use quotation mark on your search result.
    “Pen Drive in NYC”
  2. Use Qualifier on Search: Qualifier allows you getting more accurate data on your Google search. Minus (-) is a qualifier that will remove a specific word from the Google search. For an example: if you are searching “best laptop in NYC”, but you don’t want ACER brand in the search Then you can use this qualifier.
    Best Laptop in NYC –Acer
  3. Search Through a Site: Another interesting and important search trick that reduces hard work to find exact information from a specific website. You can use site:www.sitename.com to find information from a specific website. For an example, if you want to purchase Fire TV from Amazon website, you can search using below search tricks.
    Fire TV site:www.amazon.com
  4. Search Specific File Type: Google can identify the file types like mp3, mp4, pdf, xls, doc, ppt and more. If you are searching a specific type of file, you can use Google for this purpose. You need to specify the file type using the term “filetype”.
    Earn money online filetype: .mp3
  5. Use as Calculator: You can use Google as a calculator. Google search can fix any kind of critical math and provide a quick Google calculator provides more accurate data than any calculators. This can solve any kind of critical equation. You can use Google calculator to solve your math problem.
  6. Final Words: Google is not only a search engine but also it has a vast range of use. Knowing the proper use of Google Search Engine will save your time of searching any information really quick. I listed top 5 Google tricks here but you will find more useful tricks online that will make you an expert finding accurate data within very short time.