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4 Important Steps of protecting your Facebook account: a few years back, Facebook was not in the area of interest of the hackers, But today, it has gained billion of users and it gathered their valuable information which now attracts the hackers in the purpose of blackmail or monetary gain. But there are many precautions and steps that one can follow to avoid being hacked by hackers. Here are the most important four steps among them,
 Avoid saving your password in public devices.
Do not save your password in browsers whenever you are in a public device. Because even if you log out, your password will remain in the browser. Someone can enter into your account easily by that device.
 Use an unofficial Email Address instead of your phone number:
In the case of opening a facebook account, you can use an email account which you do not normally use. You can open this email address only for facebook purpose. Because, if you open your facebook with your phone number, it will be easy for your acquaintances to easily get the number, and you can’t make the guaranty that your number or mobile will always be in your hand.  So in this case, an unofficial email account, which will be hard to guess, can secure your Facebook account quite a lot.
 Enable log in an alert system:
This will inform you whenever someone tries to log in to your account. To set this up, Go to your Security Settings> Click the Login Alerts> Select the type of alert (ex: text message) you’d like to receive and then click Save Changes. But keep in mind, you have to first add a mobile number to your account to get the message alert.
 Beware of the Fishing sites or links:
A very common way of hacking a facebook account is through the fishing site. Whenever any unknown people send you any link, try not to enter those link. But in case if you enter, and you see that you have logged out of Facebook and a new facebook login page appears, don’t ever log in from that page. If you attempt to log in from there, your account will be hacked. Just close the page and block the person.
Follow these steps properly and be safe. Happy Facebooking.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]