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8 mistakes that will kill your SEO:

Many resources underestimate the impact of the user experience, design, and workload of the site on search promotion. The misconception that a cool site itself will bring you a huge number of users is quite common, and it is why videos are often made (like the kind you can watch here) to help people learn proper practice with web design. To attract as many visitors to your site, you should look like the requirements of search engines. Sometimes web designers forget about SEO, as this limits their design possibilities. Web designers should work with SEO professionals, that might be easily located through searching terms similar to christchurch seo, for example. This way they might be able to find a balance that can satisfy both the user and the search bots. Below we list the 8 mistakes that will kill your SEO, which allow web designers and developers.
Splash pages
Using eye-catching screensavers is a pretty tempting idea, but it can create a barrier between search engines and your site. Flash, java-applets, and other non-text content are often ignored or depreciated by search spiders. The main page of the site or navigation in which there is no content is not welcomed by the search engines.
Neglect of breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs, that is, links that indicate the path traveled by the user on your site, always contribute to the search promotion. Not only because links are easily read by search bots, but also by creating a transparent navigation hierarchy.
Sometimes designers neglect breadcrumbs, but in fact, they are effective not only in terms of SEO, but also significantly improve the convenience of the site.
Still, there are projects that unreasonably use frames. Their presence makes it impossible to index the content embedded in them, which negatively affects the ranking of your site. In addition, they have a negative impact on performance, which is also quite important for search engines.
Flash is not practically indexed by search engines. The site that uses this technology for key elements looks rather strange for the search engine. So, the search bot can decide that there is not one item in your menu, and it is unlikely to help you move up in the list of SERPs. Given the latest news from Chrome, it’s better to abandon Flash altogether.
Images instead of elements
Search engines are not able to determine the fact that images perform a certain functional role. Therefore, the use of pictures instead of navigation elements is not the best idea.
It is advisable not to include images in the header. The title should be used to highlight important keywords on the page. In addition, it is worth noting that the excessive use of images leads to an increase in the number of requests to the server, which reduces the site’s performance. If you’re looking to improve your site’s ranking, try contacting an SEO firm like Anthonys Agency to help you build what you’re looking for.
Popup windows
The use of pop-ups not only destroys the visual structure of the site but also creates a negative impression among users and harms you in terms of search engine promotion. Pop-ups are annoying and are usually closed by the user right after they appear. In this case, there is a high probability that the user will go to look for another resource.
Some methods of creating pop-up windows do not allow search bots to index their contents, which will negatively affect your rating. It is best to just completely abandon this idea.
Ignoring the standards of navigation
Some designers believe that the site without the usual elements of navigation in the footer will be better to attract users, to look original and unique. But they forget that proper navigation on the website is of great importance for both visitors and search engines. This solution creates a poor internal structure of links, which harms the rating and reputation of your site. Remember that navigation should be present on every page of the site, this is a pre-requisite for its comfortable use.
Non-informative 404 error
Creation of 404 pages is necessary, as it informs the user about its causes and creates a positive experience of interaction, but it should be minimalistic and informative. Also, it’s worth taking care of the elements that will help the user to return to the site. This approach to error handling will not only create a good impression for users but is also positively evaluated by search engines.
Non-working internal links also reduce the search ranking of your site. If you want to improve your site’s search ranking but don’t know how to go about it, you could hire a Digital Agency to assist you.
All of the above errors – this is a pretty serious problem, to realize the negative impact of which is possible only after the launch and analysis of website promotion. SEO needs to be seen as an important part of project development. Even if the designer creates a brilliant site or a perfect artwork, but the search engines do not rank it, it is ultimately useless. Therefore it is desirable to attract an SEO specialist in the early stages of design, which will certainly reduce the costs that could arise in the process of combating the mistakes made.